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 Carol Ann Waldron was born in Dublin and spent her childhood and early years in the County Wexford village of Oulart, where her father was the local Garda Sergeant. Subsequently her family moved to County Wicklow where Carol Ann now lives with her husband Niall. Today she lives and paints in the beautiful village of Ashford in County Wicklow. Carol Ann is mainly self-taught. Since 1988 she has been painting, exhibiting and selling her work. Originally working in pencil, she quickly moved to acrylic, pastel, watercolour and eventually to oil - which remains her primary medium. Although continually changing and developing, her theme is always one of colour, light and atmosphere. There is a great sense of drama and movement in her work that evokes the shared human experience of living. By committing her dreams and unwritten poetry to canvas, she endeavors to lift the heart and touch the soul of the viewer. Working intuitively she uses loose brushstrokes and colour that open up the full possibilities of the viewers imagination without the constraints of detail, creating the essence of the moment rather than a particular place and time. Today Carol Ann's paintings are sold throughout the world and can be found in both public and private collections.
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