Flowers for the unresolved 100 x 100cm  POA

Flowers for the unresolved 100 x 100cm POA

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“ Flowers for the unresolved ”
Oil on canvas     100cm x 100cm

I started this piece in France, this year, while trying to escape the winter sadness that seems to take a little more of me every year. It was of a distemper painted wall, that i had marvelled at one time in Spain, it was sumptuous and rich and a feast for the eyes.
The model here is Jade, with her blue jacket and casual disinterest, she brought to this piece all it needed.
But studying it for few months i found there was some thing missing, something unresolved.
Last month I found myself in the Bluebell woods in Jenkinstown, Kilkenny. I gathered up some for the house and it was that evening I saw that this piece needed ……..                
 Flowers to be resolved.

And this is the artistic process.